Werner Koestler

Werner Koestler

Head of Strategy Interior Division, Strategy & Business Development Mobility Services

Mobility Services – Continental’s Approach

The automotive industry is currently experiencing one of the largest strategic shifts in its history. Demonstrated by the recent transformations in transport, consumer behavior and business, Mobility Services in particular play a fundamental role and are the name of the game. New customers are appearing on the market and open up a whole range of attractive business opportunities. Especially cities (smart cities, mega cities…) demand intelligent solutions for challenges arising from greater traffic volume, negative environmental effects, urbanization and demographic changes. And this is what Continental wants to master. The emerging phenomenon of car sharing (B2B, P2P) and the increasing relevance of fleet management solutions are reflected in the changing customer portfolio of Continental. However, this rapid progression of trends not only requires using our in-house expertise but also creating partnerships and acquiring experts from the relevant technological fields. Continental’s well-established proven business model will be extended with further service initiatives in order to respond to the changing requirements and to be well-prepared for future market demands.


Werner Koestler, Senior Vice President, is a leading figure within Continental’s Interior Division which is focusing on information management in the vehicle and beyond. Born in Vienna, Austria, he completed his master’s degree in industrial electronics at Vienna University of Technology and later on enriched his education with the unique TIEMBA program – a Dual Degree Executive MBA from Insead Singapore and Tsinghua University Beijing, China. He joined Siemens VDO in 1992 where his positions included managing the Chassis Electronic NAFTA and Body & Security units for tier 1 customers as well as the Corporate Strategy Asia Pacific in Shanghai. After Continental’s acquisition of Siemens VDO, he became Vice President of Interior Division Korea in Seoul and then managed the business unit Body & Security Asian OEM from Yokohama, Japan. With the expertise acquired over several years in Asia, he moved to Regensburg, Germany, and took over the Interior Division’s Strategy & Business Development department in 2014. He additionally acquired responsibility over Mobility Services in 2016 and joined the Interior Division’s Board Management.