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Teraki GmbH

Teraki and what we do:

Teraki is a Berlin-based software company focussing on the Automotive industry. Founded by Quantum Computing PhD’s and backed by Deutsche Telekom and by a $1B VC fund, Teraki makes data-driven and data-intensive car applications highly accurate and efficient.

Operating in embedded environments, Teraki’s cutting-edge edge processing software enables Automotive Insurance, Predictive Maintenance, Fleet Management and AD applications to perform in high volume, production series.

Teraki realizes efficient and scalable access to more qualitative car data. The challenge or today’s data drive use cases is to make them cost efficient and accurate. That is exactly what Teraki does. In the data tsnumai coming from the car’s sensors, Teraki‘s algorithms process this flood of data in an more efficient way than any other solution whilst deriving data quality at the highest standards. The software enables low-latency applications to run on a low-hardware footprint and achieving highest possible accuracies. This helps to overcome the performance and cost challenges for connected cars and autonomous driving.

Three German OEM’s and one Tier1 have already succesfully validated Teraki’s technology.

Use cases

Crash Detection, Predictive Maintenance, Accident Prediction, Driver Behavior are the Use Cases the Berlin company is very experienced with.  

Teraki enables better data-based applications based on sensor data selected at the source.

The embedded software enables to extract more sensor data out of Cars, Telematic units, OBD dongles and Smartphones.

Teraki delivers also the edge analytics for these use cases running at the device. This makes it possible to get more data and better information without the need to upgrade the hardware such as telematics/dongle device. The hardware and communication costs are therefore lowered whilst still detecting the required information and events with the highest degree of accuracy.

What our customers say:

“When implementing AI-driven applications, automotive system designers face the challenge of balancing growing amounts of sensor data and the restraints of communications and processing technology. A proven approach that improves processing of telematics, image/video and 3D data to enable true low-latency mobility services is presented by Teraki GmbH. For applications ranging from accident detection, to driver behavior identification, predictive maintenance and LIDAR based map generation, data reduction in software has been shown to provide up to 10x higher speeds without compromising quality and hardware requirements, or alternatively to improve the accuracies of these schemes by between 6 and 30%. Teraki’s AI and machine learning schemes run faster and lower the amortization times for system hardware.” – (OEM Supplier)

Why it is better:

  • Your CPU processes 5x more data.
  • Applications run with 15x less end-to-end latency.
  • Mobile data consumption is up to 50x lower.
  • Key insights are gained already at the device level while maintaining far lower hardware requirements than NN based solutions and with the same or higher accuracies.


  • 100% software (client – server architecture). No additional hardware required.
  • It fits in constrained environments the client component is just a few KB small.
  • Suited for real-time applications.
  • Compatible with all protocols, networks, encryption and hardware technologies.
  • Compatibility with latest hardware platforms including AI based processing chipsets.

Client references

Confidential, Three German OEM’s, One Global Tier1, Various Aftermarket companies

Teraki GmbH

Winterfeldtstrasse 21
D-10781 Berlin
Phone: +31 6400 04 441

Your contact person:

Geert Van Nunen
Phone: +31 6400 04 441 


  • Connected Car
  • Event detection
  • Data processing
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Crash detection
  • Driver behaviour
  • Edge processing
  • Edge algorithms
  • Data compression
  • Sensor data