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End-to-end mobility solutions for connected cars
Digitization is disrupting the way we organize and experience mobility. Those working in this field are making a major contribution to society. Deutsche Telekom offers just the right technologies for supporting connected mobility: connectivity, cloud and IoT platforms. Some 5,000 automotive experts in the company are dedicated to driving innovation with their specific industry know-how.

This expertise enables us to develop end-to-end solutions for mobility – both today and in the future. In addition to vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, digital mobility technologies also deliver benefits to car dealers and service centers, insurance companies, cities and communities – not to mention those individuals who are always on the go. Our goal is to fulfill people’s desire for mobility by providing the best technologies and infrastructures possible. Remember that connected mobility reaches far beyond the connected car.

Intelligent mobility can only function in an intelligent Environment
Connected cars represent the fastest growing segment in the IoT market. Deutsche Telekom makes it easier for customers and partners to embrace new business models with the “network” as a core product. That is why we are building the new 5G network with latencies of less than one millisecond, while also developing technologies such as edge computing, which brings computing power to the world of networked things – e.g. for automated driving and intelligent traffic management.

Digitization and connectivity support the development of new automotive applications, mobility solutions and business models. Digital Drive – our end-to-end retrofit solution – enables us to offer our business customers Connected Car Services as a complete solution for new and used vehicles. This helps the automotive industry and service providers to establish direct contact with their customers for the long-term via digital services.

Connected mobility does not end at the parking space
An important element of mobility – especially in urban centers – is vehicle parking. Deutsche Telekom will soon offer Park and Joy, a new end-to-end service package centered around an open marketplace for local communities, parking space operators and drivers.

This digital parking management solution helps drivers to find vacant parking spaces in public and private areas, even allowing them to reserve and pay for parking spaces digitally – all integrated in one single mobile application to make parking a hassle-free experience.

Cities and communities also benefit from optimized traffic flow, less administration and reduced exhaust emissions. Parking space operators will also be able to optimize space utilization for better efficiency.

About T-Systems
With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 43,700 employees, and external revenue of 7.9 billion Euros (2016), T-Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of information and communications technology (ICT). As the corporate customers division of Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems offers integrated solutions for fixed and mobile networks, highly secure data centers, and a unique cloud ecosystem based on standardized platforms and global partnerships. The portfolio includes not only classic ICT, but also digital transformation and infrastructure services, platforms and software from the cloud for crucial future applications such as big data, the Internet of Things, M2M, and Industry 4.0 – always based on maximum ICT security.

Client references

Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Continental, MAN and more.


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