Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel

Director and Founder – Center of Automotive Management

Connected Car Innovation (CCI) – Trends and the emotionalization of mobility services

Established automotive manufacturers and big data players are currently developing new mobility services like “Car as a Service” and “Mobility as a Service” that radically change the business models of the industry. Driving the changes are three simultaneous mobility revolutions in regards to mobility efficiency, mobility-time and mobility-systems. The success and acceptance of new network innovations and services do not solely depend on rational aspects but on the emotional customer benefit of the innovations which needs to be addressed strongly. The presentation addresses these issues against the backdrop of the latest CCI study which reviews current trends and the performance of global automotive manufacturers and big data players in Connected Car innovations.


Dr. Stefan Bratzel is the director and founder of the independent Center of Automotive Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach. After completing his studies in political science and later earning his doctorate, Bratzel worked in and around the auto industry. Among other positions, he has held posts as a project manager at smart, as program manager, Project Line Automotive at Group3G and as the head of Business Development Automotive at PTV. Since April 2004, he has worked as a lecturer and course program director for automotive management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach.