Nico Gabriel

Divisions Director Sixt SE

One platform – the race for the future mobility customer

Around the globe, companies are racing to create mobility solutions for the future. In particular, mobility platforms are on their agenda—not least because current mobility challenges present opportunities to tap into new markets. In line with this trend, many mobility platforms have emerged with the goal of meeting changing customer needs and becoming the preferred source for mobility in the future. So far, however, no company has managed to create a fully integrated and intermodal offering to sustainably occupy this market. SIXT shows how three original, independent mobility products: rent, share and ride, are brought together to create a platform that makes not only SIXT’s own services, but also numerous third-party services accessible and bookable through one app.


Mr. Gabriel joined SIXT November 2004 as an Operation Manager in the Franchise Department. From 2006 to 2008 Mr. Gabriel has been working as a Business Development Manager for the Sixt Franchise Partner in Sydney, Australia. Since Februar 2008 Mr. Gabriel has been in various roles within SIXT as Managing Director of a number of subsidiaries and Project Manager for Sixt’s first carsharing initiative Sixti Car Club.

In May of 2011 he has been appointed as Managing Director of DriveNow a joint venture of SIXT and BMW which was founded to offer premium carsharing services.  Mr. Gabriel was responsible for operations and business development as well as IT. In this position he developed DriveNow to become a major carsharing player in Europe being present in 13 cities in 9 countries with more than 6.500 vehicles and 1.2 million customers.

With the sale of Sixt’s DriveNow shares to BMW, Mr. Gabriel decided to return to Sixt and take over the role as a divisions director for the newly founded division SixtX, which will take care of the new mobility initiatives within Sixt.

Mr. Gabriel received a Diplom Kaufmann (FH) from the HTW in Berlin.