Dr. Karl-Heinz Glander

Dr. Karl-Heinz Glander

Chief Engineer for Automated Driving and Integral Cognitive Safety

„Automated Driving – on the road to Vision Zero“

One of the main drivers for the development of automated driving is the vision of zero accidents and zero emission. The coming years will be dominated by automated driving functions at level 2, where the driver is still responsible for the driving task all of the time. In parallel the development prepares for vehicles to take over more and more functions. This continuously improves predictive driving to reduce fuel consumption as well as extending the time frame where drivers can be supported when distracted or overstrained. Answering the questions about validation of automated vehicles, especially when using artificial intelligence, is key for improving towards Vision Zero.


From 1995 to 2004:
Particle physics and detailed experience in detector/sensor physics, pattern recognition, tracking and fusion algorithms.

Until 2009:
Siemens VDO, later Continental on the algorithm development for various ADAS functions based on 24GHz and 77GHz radars, lidar and camera sensors.

Since mid 2009:
TRW Automotive, Occupant Safety Systems; responsible for the ECU development for Active Restraint Systems and Steering Wheel Electronics.

Since February 2014:
Technically responsible for the development of Automated Driving functions for ZF TRW.