Christian Stapel

Partner at MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH

Evolutionary blockchain use cases as the key to disruptive business models

Blockchain; not only a novelty in information technology, but also a cross-border change of perspective that invites us to completely rethink established processes. The blockchain phenomenon has been attracting attention across industries for a long time; use cases now go far beyond the original use case of the financial transaction. Especially in the automotive industry, which increasingly sees itself as a global network that forms the basis for new business models and the integration of new partners in an age of flexible mobility, an almost unlimited number of application scenarios can be created.

Nevertheless, use cases are often dealt with within system boundaries that are too rigid – and the invitation to completely reinvent established processes is thus rejected. As a result, the scalability, added value and disruption potential of blockchain-based pilot projects often remains very limited or is questionable, respectively. According to the current MHP study on the status quo and perspectives for the application of blockchain technologies in companies in the automotive industry, for which users and experts were surveyed, this is one of the reasons for the still low market maturity.

The key to relevant, advantageous blockchain use cases lies in the creation of evolutionary use cases, which can be tested in the pilot stage as well as extended successively and above all multi-dimensionally. Which dimensions need to be considered and which stages of evolution an exemplary use case from the field of mobility can go through will be presented in the lecture.


Christian Stapel has been responsible for CIO Advisory and Information Technology as Partner of the Consulting Services Cluster Data & Technology at MHP Management und IT-Beratung since 2016. Mr. Stapel studied Business Engineering at the University of Applied Science Würzburg-Schweinfurt. He joined MHP in 1999 and focused in his early years on SAP Transformation and Template Strategies. In the course of his career, he signed responsible for System Landscape Optimization later on also for the Business Collaboration & Integration portfolio.

Currently his consulting focus and passion is on Digital Transformation, Agile Custom Development, Data Strategy and Emerging Technologies. As an enabler he supports colleagues by developing fascinating digital services in the manner of internal startups within MHP.