Dr. Florian Petit

Dr. Florian Petit

Co-Founder, Product, Business Development, Sales

Blickfeld LiDAR sensors accelerate digital transformation

Digitization and autonomous machines require ‘eyes’ and ‘brains’ to navigate and operate. For example, self-driving cars need to be able to capture and perceive their environment to make driving decision. The unique Blickfeld solution offers a combination of high-performance Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors and appropriate software. This combination enables to capture detailed 3D maps of the environment and to gather enhanced knowledge: instant valuable insights easy to access.

In this presentation, we will detail the requirements and challenges imposed on automotive grade LiDAR systems. We will also elaborate on the properties of the Blickfeld LiDAR and how it is a solution for these issues.

Blickfeld’s vision is the next step in digitization: Making machines fully autonomous and the digital transformation becoming a reality.


Florian Petit is co-founder of Blickfeld and responsible for the product and business development. He studied electrical engineering and computer science at the Technical University of Munich and specialized in automatization and robotics. Prior to founding Blickfeld, he was concerned with various areas in robotics as part of scientific work at TU München, Stanford University, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and ETH Zurich. He obtained his PhD for work in the field of human-robot interaction from ETH Zurich. He now contributes this knowledge and experience to Blickfeld: Here, he works hard on enabling self-driving cars as the future of mobility with the Blickfeld LiDAR environment perception system.