Dr. Alexander Klose

Executive Vice President Overseas Operations, AIWAYS

Intelligent Customization for Electrical Vehicles

Electrical vehicles paired with intelligence and connectivity demand and allow completely different approaches for customization akin to mobile phones, rather than the traditional customization based on trim and engine power; this approach requires superior intelligence in the vehicle electrical setup and AI based data usage.


Dr. Alexander Klose is the Executive VP Overseas Operations at AIWAYS. With some 30 years’ experience in automotive strategy and marketing, Dr. Alexander Klose has a deep understanding of the mobility sector around the globe.

Before joining AIWAYS in 2018, Dr. Klose has held roles as the CEO of Volvo Cars (China), and Asia Pacific President of PAG, which included the Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo brands.

He has also provided consultancy and support services to a number of automotive retail groups in China.

Dr. Klose is responsible for AIWAYS’ operations outside of China.