Roberto Diesel

Chief Technology Officer, Sono Motors GmbH

Driving shared and electric – future mobility is innovative and climate-friendly

Sono Motors is an electric car manufacturer and mobility provider. Founded in 2016, the company designs and produces the worldwide first mass-produced Solar Electric Vehicle: Sion. Thanks to solar cells that are seamlessly integrated into the body of the car, the Sion provides self-sufficiency on short distances – free of charge and climate-friendly. There are three sharing concepts integrated in the SEV, which allow the owner to share rides, cars and electricity with others. The goal: less cars on our streets by using our Sion efficiently.

Roberto Diesel, CTO of Sono Motors, explains how the innovative concept of the young automotive company can change our mobility, he speaks about the megatrends that will have a major influence on the EV market in the coming years and how they can help us make our mobility more climate-friendly.


Roberto Diesel has been in the automotive industry for 20 years. He has held senior management positions at Opel, General Motors and Webasto, among others. As Chief Technology Officer at the Munich-based automotive company and mobility service provider Sono Motors, he is now responsible for the entire vehicle development process. Roberto Diesel brings to Sono Motors extensive international experience in engineering, vehicle program development, alternative drive systems and management of complex projects. In addition to his passion for vehicle technology and innovative mobility concepts, he is passionate about artificial intelligence and digitization.