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Confluent, founded by the developers of the open source solution Apache Kafka®, offers the leading streaming platform that enables companies to maximize the value of data. Confluent’s platform allows data from isolated systems to be transferred into a real-time data pipeline where immediate action can be taken.

Most organizations are facing a flood of data from new applications, new business opportunities, the Internet of Things and much more. The market for connected cars alone is expected to reach USD 46.69 billion by 2020. At the same time, a flood of data is generated as more and more connected vehicles come onto the road, creating unique opportunities for car manufacturers when they are able to use this data in real time. The ideal architecture that most people imagine for this is a clean, optimized system that makes it possible to capitalize on all this data. Each byte of data tells a story that has a significance not to be underestimated for your next steps. In a data-based company, the way data is transferred is as important as the data itself. The higher the speed and flexibility of data transmission, the more valuable is the data itself.

For example, connected vehicle data is transferred to a central repository for real-time monitoring and/or downstream analysis and advertising campaigns can be carried out taking into account time, location, context, etc., which ensures an optimal customer experience. The Kafka Connect API enables an infinite number of services and vehicles to be connected and with the help of the Confluent Control Center the cluster and the connectors can be managed via monitoring and alarms.

The founders of Confluent decided early on to make Apache Kafka available as an open source project, which is one of the reasons why the industry-wide use of the platform in thousands of companies did not take long. Today, Confluent is focusing on the further development of a streaming platform that enables other companies to access real-time streams of company data quickly and easily.

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Audi, Uber, Royal Bank of Canada, LinkedIn, Target, Home Away

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