Christoph Hartung

Head of Mobility Services and Head of Digital & New Business, Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen We – The transformation from a carmaker to a “Car.Software”-company

From being a purely automotive company, Volkswagen is now developing into a leading provider in the field of software and mobility. To drive this change forward with the utmost vigour, by 2025 Volkswagen will have collected more than 5,000 digital experts together in its newly founded “Car.Software” unit. In this unit, software will be developed for all brands and markets within the group. This will include the standard vehicle operating system “vw.os”, innovations for the intelligent cockpit of the future, new driving functions and driver assistance systems, as well as new mobility options and digital services – the so-called digital ecosystem.

This digital ecosystem will play an important role. The growing range of digital mobility services complements car sales with new digital value-added services inside and outside the car, as well as mobility services centred on the car. Christoph Hartung is responsible for the development work on the digital ecosystem in the new “Car.Software” unit. His presentation will sketch out the strategy of the new “Car.Software” unit as well as for the ecosystem of the “Volkswagen We” brand. His presentation will look at individual elements such as the “We Charge” charging service, which enables the customer to have the best experience when recharging their vehicle. He will also cover how services and mobility solutions will be added to Volkswagen’s portfolio, which will play a decisive role as part of the “electro-offensive”.


In 2017 Christoph Hartung became the head of the “Mobility Services” and “Digital Sales & New Business” areas at Volkswagen. After completing his master’s degree in computer science and his diploma in industrial engineering, Hartung joined the Stuttgart-based manufacturer Daimler in 1999.

Here the IT expert held various positions, including senior manager, Workshop Systems and Retail Integration, and head of IT, Global Service & Parts. From 2013 until 2015, he was head of Customer Management at Mercedes-Benz Cars. Afterwards he was responsible for “Mercedes me” in his role as head of Connected Car. In 2017 Hartung joined Volkswagen, where he is in charge for the digital ecosystem “Volkswagen We”, which includes for example the fully electric car sharing “We Share” or the charging service “We Charge”.