The CCI Award

_The CCI Award explained
The Connected Car Innovation Award is an industry award presented annually by the trade journal carIT in cooperation with the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel. The award honors a leading technology in the field of connected vehicles and was awarded for the first time in 2015.

_Unique selling point
The Connected Car Innovation Award is presented based on the results of the scientific study “Connected Car Innovation Index” (CCI). It is therefore not simply trade prize of a magazine that is awarded by an editorial team. The nominees are selected according to clearly defined and comprehensive rules which are easy to follow.

Based on the updated innovation database of CAM six world novelties are selected, which have the highest innovation strength in the field of connected car technologies. These top innovations are nominated and presented to a jury of experts.

_Jury vote
The winner is chosen by a jury of experts in a secret and notarized election. No member of the jury can exchange ideas and opinions with another member of the jury, as the vote is accepted by a notary and the results are passed on to the editorial team anonymously.

_Award ceremony
The award will be presented at the carIT conference at the International Motor Show (IAA), the industry meeting for connected car and commercial vehiclesThe prize will be presented on stage and handed over to a representative of the winning car manufacturer.

_ Award winners:
2018:   Audi AG                    Technology: AI traffic jam pilot
2017:   Mercedes Benz    Technology: Car-to-Car Communication / E-Class
2016:   BMW Group          Technology: Garage Parking Assistant
2015:   Volvo                          Technology: Crossing Assistant