30 minutes breakout session (during lunch break), Room Sydney

Connecting Cars: The streaming platform as central nervous system of modern OEMs and vehicle manufacturers

For the automotive industry, the digital transformation is also a digital revolution: new market players, new technologies and the ever-increasing volumes of data create new opportunities, but also new challenges – and require completely new approaches in addition to new IT architectures.

In this interactive session we want to shed more light on the following points and discuss them with you, also using the example of a connected car platform:

  • Challenges and solutions for integrating, processing and storing large amounts of data in real time
  • Why both the tech giants from Silicon Valley and the automotive industry (must) rely on streaming platforms
  • Applications from the automotive industry: The connection of cars, drivers and suppliers as a profitable factor
  • Apache Kafka and Open Source as a de facto standard both for Global 2000 and in SMEs for future transformation projects

Your host for this event

Falko Schwarz

Falko Schwarz

Regional Vice President Central Europe, Confluent


Falko Schwarz works with the leading companies in your industry on the conception, implementation and introduction of digitisation strategies based on real-time event streaming platforms with Apache Kafka. He has 15 years of experience as an enterprise IT architect and account manager at and with IBM customers and was a consultant for business analytics issues at SAS customers for 5 years. After several months of BigData experience at Hortonworks, he built up the Confluent business in Central and Eastern Europe, demonstrating your digitization strategy with the largest European customers.